Understanding Our Mission

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Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a platform for conversation between the LGBTQ+ community and health care providers. We believe that resolutions cannot be reached without effective communication, and our goal is to provide the resources to do just that.

Serving our Mission:

Additionally, we offer easy access to key resources we believe can help to alleviate the effects of the health disparity within the LGBTQ+ population. We provide information regarding LGBTQ+ patient-specific care, as well as many educational resources that can be used to establish a better understanding of root causes and potential remedies for the health disparity.

With help from our community partner, NJ AIDS Services, we are also conducting a research project aimed to highlight the ideas of each party of interest. By interviewing members of the LGBTQ+ community and active healthcare providers, we believe we will be able to summarize key information underlying the health disparity experienced by the LGBTQ+ population.

Meet Our Team

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    "Finding out that I was gay was like meeting myself for the first time. Admitting it to myself alone was a battle. Looking into the mirror differently that morning, I searched for something that would falsify my new discovery—nothing did. I soon realized that accepting myself was the first hurdle in a lifetime of obstacles associated with my identity. From these experiences stemmed the inspiration for the Gap Got Your Tongue initiative."

    Alexarae Rizzo
    Gap Got Your Tongue
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